Pergolas, Pavilions & Arbors

Pergolas, Pavilions & Arbors

If you're looking for a fantastic way to add shade and functionality to your outdoor space, we can build a beautiful cedar pergola or even a full pavilion for your outdoor entertaining and outdoor living space.
Pergola on scored concrete pad with sidewalk

Cedar Pergolas

If you're looking for an addition to your outdoor living space that provides shade while not being fully enclosed and still being able to see open sky, a pergola can be a great option. These structures are made with an open-frame roof on top of 4 or sometimes 2 columns.

Our pergolas are made from high-quality cedar that can then be stained and sealed for water resistance and durability under Oklahoma's many weather conditions. We can design a pergola to fit almost any outdoor space and footprint that is desired, and the construction can be stand-alone or tied into the home's roofline.

A pergola can be added to an existing patio space or deck, through reinforced concrete footers may need to be poured. Or, we can build you a brand new space with a concrete or paver patio to enjoy underneath your beautiful new pergola. Contact us today to discuss options and request a free quote.